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Would you like to reach other users without any additional cost? The system of IDC/GAMES is the way.

As a partner of IDC/GAMES, you will pay only when you have earnings in your games thanks to the revenue share 70:30 (Partner:IDC/GAMES). Forget about paying for registrations or for users who don’t pay. As a partner, you won’t have to worry about the ROI, it will always be positive. You only need to integrate a Login API, and in case your game has an integrated payment system, the API of the payment gateway. It’s a simple and immediate integration that will make new users start playing your game in a week only and without any cost.

Take advantage of the thousand active users in IDC/GAMES coming from all over Europe and of the advertising campaigns IDC/GAMES runs on the platform. Get as many users as you can without any cost!

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