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A role-playing game (RPG from its acronym is obtained role-playing game, literally "role-playing game") is a game in which, as its name indicates, one or more players incarnate a certain role or personality. When a person plays the role of X it means that he is playing a role that he normally does not. In a role-playing game, players assume the "role" of characters throughout a story or plot in which they interpret their dialogues and describe their actions. In the "classic" role-playing game there is no script to follow since the development of the story is completely subject to the decisions of the players. For this reason, imagination, oral narration, originality and ingenuity are essential for the proper development of the game. In the "online" role-playing game there is a script to follow, which guides the player throughout the game. The main difference from other role-playing games is that each player plays a unique and different character, with different personality and characteristics based on the player's desire. The basic concept is that players pursue a common goal and must cooperate with each other (although sometimes this rule is not met), and the characters can be complementary; some stand out in physical skills and abilities, others in intellectual or social, and, if the game allows it, others may have mystical abilities (magic, miracles, etc.). All these characteristics are indicated on a character sheet, which varies according to the game system. Of course, IDC/Games could not miss role-playing games, hopefully you like the ones we propose.