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Keep in Mind - Remastered

Keep in Mind follows Jonas, a man haunted by alcoholism, depression and grief. One night, he awakens to a shadowy mirror world where beasts lurk and stars don't shine. Lost and scared, he must face the twisted beasts if he ever wishes to return home…


Keep in Mind - Remastered

You wake up in a dark world surrounded by beasts and demons: what do you do?

Keep in Mind: Remastered follows Jonas, a man haunted by many ills: alcoholism, depression, and grief. One night, he awakens to a shadowy mirror world, one where beasts lurk and the stars don't shine. Overwhelmed, Jonas will face those wretched beasts in a fight to return home and learn the truth about the darkness surrounding him.

Keep in Mind is a psychological indie game starring Jonas, a man struggling with mental illness, on a journey of self-reflection and emotional healing. An experience created for those struggling with mental illness or lost in the dark, this game is a therapeutic experience. However, due to the sensitive and controversial content on display, viewer discretion is advised.

Keep in Mind: Remastered is an improved version of the Game Jolt version of the game, revamping it with a new engine, bug fixes, and a brand new professionally composed soundtrack.


  • Critically Acclaimed Plot– Jonas confronts his personal demons to help save himself from his own destructive monster: alcoholism
  • Creepy Soundtrack – The haunting soundtrack immerses you in the game
  • A truly Unforgettable Experience – Characters and emotions will stick to you long after you complete the game
  • Help a Good Cause – All profits from Keep in Mind: Remastered, the developer Akupara Game's will donate to the charity Child's Play

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  • Tựa đề: Keep in Mind - Remastered

  • Thể loại:

  • Thẻ:

  • Người phát triển: Little Moth Games, Akupara Games

  • Nhà xuất bản: Akupara Games (0)

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  • OS: Windows XP

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • GC: GeForce 500 Series

  • HDD: 135 MB

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